Liver=Oxygen(Minus element)+Hydrogen(Plus element)

Liver: (euvolemia means a normal fluid balance in the body...Not too much water, not too much oxygen, A Goldilocks amount! That's euvolemia)...Ok technically euvolumia refers to how much blood volume is in the body...But water hydrogen oxygen air levels affect blood volume...So by watching both your water & oxygen intake, you can alter your blood volume...up or down...

Too much Oxygen (a Minus Element): dehydration, dry mouth...Oxygen things can also make you lose weight, & induce your period...


Too much Hydrogen (a Plus Element): Hepatitis( holes in liver allow water to get in), Common Cold, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr disease, Hydrocephalic (water on brain)...Excess Hydrogen can also cause depression-this type of depression is inward & can lead to suicidal tendencies...Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, ME(Just another name for a similar thing-a question of degree), mononuceosis (Mono)...Migraines... (treat with Oxygen elements including fresh air...)
Hydrocephalism is water on the brain-Yup Hydrogen excess...(The words "brain fog" might describe water on the brain in a hot place so you are actually getting STEAM in the brain causing a brain fog, literally!

***Comment about self-medicating: Sometimes severe back pain can cause a person to self-medicate with alcohol...So we have a Magnesium excess(the pain) causing someone to self-medicate with Hydrogen(alcohol)...The Hydrogen excess can cause suicidal tendencies...Depression...Now the person has depression...But maybe cured the back pain since Hydrogen will break down to Mercury another plus element, over time...But now they are depressed...They stop drinking & the back pain comes back...Go figure...Anyways, be careful when self-medicating...KNOW WHEN TO STOP...KNOW WHAT AMOUNT CURES YOU & WHAT AMOUNT TIPS YOU OVER THE EDGE INTO A NEW DISEASE...

Elements:where to find,

Liver: Oxygen (a Minus Element): Goji berries, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Greens, Fresh Clean Air, Lycopene is Oxygen, Lycopene is found in Tomatoes & in the green part of tomato like the leafs & stem too
Oxygen is in(can be found in) Hydrogen PERoxide (a wet Oxygen like Perrier water or OZONated water)!
*Strawberry & Strawberry leaf are more Oxygen elements(words like tannin or atropine or cyanide indicate Oxygen)...The raspberry itself is an Oxygen, but the leaf of the raspberry is much more of an Iodine element see Adrenal Gland...My favorite source of Oxygen is GOJI berries because you can eat them... *Grape seeds & Grape seed extract are also an OXYGEN substance...The study just shows how grape seed extract can reverse or prevent cirrhosis(my words, just summing up)...

  (i'd also use grape seeds, proanthocyanidins is another word for Oxygen btw, to treat the common cold & Chronic fatigue syndrome, & hepatitis-all liver things characterized by Hydrogen excess thus needing Oxygen elements...)

There is an herbal pill called Flavay which is a combo of Titanium & Oxygen...(pine bark & grape seeds)...That would be good for someone with asthma & the common cold together...Since asthma is an aluminum excess & the common cold is a hydrogen excess...(***note:Not a huge fan of combo pills, since they have to be so precise-it's like a long recipe-what if you are allergic to pineapple? or nuts?Now the whole meal cannot be eaten...)

***The Autumn Crocus(which has been made into a drug called Colchicine), also known as Meadow saffron, Saffron(contains the same stuff)-are things that contain large amounts of Oxygen...Overdose resembles arsenic overdose, which is also an Oxygen thing..Studies with Saffron have shown it for sure cleans out a Hydrogen wet soaked Liver...Confirmation it is an Oxygen element... The bulbs of the Saffron Crocus can also be eaten raw or baked...The link explains cultural traditions of eating Saffron bulbs for each country...(bulbs are called "corms" & would have more Oxygen than the strands...but also more poisonous if taken too many...)

Oxygen Elements continued:EGGPLANT...(the Nightshade family of vegetables, ok some say tomato is a fruit, but anyways, they all contain varying amounts of Oxygen...Eggplant more...)
****Also, did you know the seeds of an apple contain arsenic? Arsenic is an OXYGEN family thing, just way way stronger! (I know what you're thinking, could I eat apple seeds Oxygen to cure my CFS chronic fatigue syndrome? Let me doublecheck that neat idea! (eggplant mmm fried, mmm Oxygen) excerpt from that link:"fried eggplants are truly delicious, home made tomato catchup or just onion and tomato salad simply delicious!" Sari's comment:YUMMY! eat your apple seeds(Oxygen, cyanide, arsenic!)

My new favorite Oxygen element is called Safflower, also called AMERICAN saffron or FAKE saffron...If you have a cold, just buy this spice & eat it straight...You feel better right away...It also causes some weight loss!

Liver: Hydrogen (a Plus Element)-Water, Alcohol, Liquids *generally, Glue The flu shot can make you get the flu, as you probably already know...I got one, got sick(with the flu), that was the end of flu shots in our house...Flu, pneumonia is Hydrogen excess by the way...(swine flu is different-see gallbladder Page)