Thymus=Manganese(Minus element)+Iron(Plus element)


Too much Manganese (a Minus Element): Peanut Allergy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Triggers, Anemia,
***PTSD Post traumatic Stress Disorder(playing over the same situation over & over, not moving forward in your life, dwelling on an event from the past),

***Signs of PTSD - dwelling on things from the past,going over & over again over the same situation, like your own mental pathways are like a skipping record,*(treat with iron),(hold
a pyrite rock in your hand...)
(Go to Ireland-geologically IRON-land...)


 Too much Iron (a Plus Element): Myasthenia Gravis, Hemachromatosis, Particular to Irish people living in “Ire/Iron-land”... 

Ok, so the above link points to a study, to find people with severe lice infestation who also had an IRON DEFICIENCY...They only found one(in like a billion)...What that says is that people who get severe lice infestations have TOO MUCH IRON...Which makes sense theoretically too...So if you are suffering from lice, then you should LOWER YOUR IRON levels...(how do you do that? need to add the opposite element to iron in the THYMUS gland...Which is Manganese...***Where to find manganese? I get Black Walnut Hull Powder from Herbies Herbs shop online store, they send it to me, I put a whole bunch 4 tablespoons into whatever I am drinking & stir that with my Hot Straw(hot straws are straws you can use in hot drinks), & sip through the straw...
LICE***Yup, high Iron levels attract lice...So the biggest thing you can do is to add its opposite, manganese into your life...Black Walnut Hull powder is manganese...Put it in your tea-like alot, stir & sip through a straw...Lowers iron making lice not so interested...(you will feel droopy, hungry & maybe faint...But lice will go away)...Also buy a hair clipper from Amazon-I got a Philips one with adjustable comb & can go wireless for like $30 dollars...I set it to 3/8 of an inch & buzzed all my hair off...Then I bleached the whole thing using "Ice Cream" which you buy at Shopper's Drug mart-you choose a tube colour then choose a liquid strength(40% is fine), go home, squirt the tube colour into a plastic dish, mix with equal parts of the liquid hydrogen peroxide, stir with a nylon haired brush, then paint it on your hair...Wait 45 minutes to an hour & presto, your hair is bleached! (neat thing with this method is you can dole out just a bit when roots grow in & total cost is like under 20 dollars for 3 months of home hair bleaching!) Take Mozi-Q or Combantrin tablets while removing lice...Stop all sugars/sulphur, & cut back on Leads(potatoes), cut back on Aluminums(eggs), cut back on Nitrogens(Beets)...Anything on the PLUS element side of my chart, cut back...Anything on the MINUS side , FINE...

Elements:where to find,

Thymus: Manganese (a Minus Element):Peanuts, Peanut butter, Pumpkin Seeds, Pink Tourmaline beads, Bees, Dr.
Reckeweg R38 R39 tinctures (these tinctures remove ovarian cysts-right & left ovary) (Manganese causes detachment of the cyst)...Manganese is also found in Black walnut hulls which help one to rid the body of parasites(including lice problems)....Manganese is also found in Almond extract...Peanuts are nuts that grow in the ground, whereas Walnuts are tree nuts...ground nuts will have more manganese than tree nuts-hence the fact that people with nut allergies Can be non-allergic to walnuts but allergic to peanuts-it is the Manganese they are allergic to...(Manganese lowers iron...which is why they give you an iron shot when you have a reaction...)
*Cedron an herbal is also a Manganese element...
**Walnut leafs are also a Manganese element...

Thymus: Iron (a Plus Element): Pyrite beads, Iron supplements, B12, Red meats, Pink meats, White meats, Dark meats, Marcasite rocks