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Grove Body Part Chart

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The PAGES tabs to the right of this page takes you to individual pages for each organ...Clicking the Organ links below will also take you to those Pages... 

*here is an explanation VideoTalk about how the CHART works...

How it works: Each organ contains two elements...A Minus Element & a Plus element...These must live in balance...They are opposites...Disease is an imbalance...Figure out your own imbalance, then add its opposite to lower the excess...Note:Elements are from The Periodic Table of Elements (or here is the Periodic Table that I used originally)-these do not exist in the real world necessarily...On the linked pages I tell where to find those elements in real world items...These are just a sample...Use this as a springboard for your own research...Be well! Sari Grove

Homeostasis just means the state of the body parts being all in the right place at the right time with the right amounts of everything inside...The body & the brain tend towards homeostasis, meaning it is a self-cleaning oven...It self-balances...Which means that sometimes if you just leave something alone, it will get better...Part of the Hippocratic oath for doctors...Physicians...Also something your dad might tell you...

1)Thyroid = Zinc + Lead
(Zinc excess)Bipolar Thalidomide Agent Orange Leprosy... Frontal Lobe degradation of BONES...
 LEFT side of FRONTAL lobe removal associated with bipolar-the left side contains the Lead so removal there, of the lobe which contains the Lead, causes excess Zinc which is on the right frontal lobe(zinc excess)

(Lead excess)Multiple Sclerosis Parasites Roundworms Pinworms Lice Malaria Lupus Aspergillosis, if the right side of the frontal lobe is removed, the Zinc side, then behavioral symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis occur which is Lead excess because the right side is the Zinc side so damage there reduces zinc thus increasing Lead...Scleroderma...Bullous Pemphigoid...(Lead excess)

 2)Thymus = Manganese + Iron

(Manganese excess)PTSD Post traumatic Stress Disorder(playing over the same situation over & over, not moving forward in your life, dwelling on an event from the past), Iron Anemia BLOOD(Manganese excess)

(Iron excess)Hemachromatosis Myasthenia Gravis Lice infestation(Iron excess)

3)Lungs Lymph Nodes = Titanium + Aluminum 
(Titanium excess)Alzheimer's Disease Schizophrenia Cerebral Palsy Anxiety & OCD Haemophilia Hyperhidrosis/Sweatyness MUSCLES(Titanium excess)

(Aluminum excess)Asthma Tuberculosis Pulmonary Hypertension Consumption Cystic Fibrosis Trouble Breathing, Eczema, Egg allergy(Aluminum excess)

4)Heart = Potassium + Aurum
(Potassium excess)HCM HypertrophicCardioMyopathy (weak but enlarged heart distended low blood pressure) Concussion Vasovagal Attack Epileptic seizures also have a Low Taurine High Potassium component though Epilepsy is primarily a Fluorine excess syndrome-see Colon SEALS & VALVES(Potassium excess)

(Aurum excess)Clogged heart (small size but congested high blood pressure)(Aurum excess)

5)Kidneys = Carbon + Nitrogen
(Carbon excess)Down's Syndrome NEURONS & NERVES & RENAL TUBES *Living near to a highway may/causes Carbon excess-Misunderstanding people in conversation might be the first sign the Carbon from the cars is affecting your intelligence(Carbon Excess)

(Nitrogen excess)Kidney blockages failures Celiac & any other gluten problems(Nitrogen excess)
Kidney Failure Blockages Aggression/Hateful nature
Nitrogen excess can also trigger stroke

 6)Pancreas = Selenium + Sulphur

(Sulphur excess)Diabetes Herpes Dandruff Pimples Rotten teeth & gums(Sulphur excess-sulphur is in sugar)Blindness can occur with diabetes sugars excess Macular Degeneration of the eye diabetes related, Glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, EYES, Infections anywhere...Psoriasis...Measles, Chicken Pox, Rubella...(excess Sulphur/think Sugar)

Selenium excess: Bad breath(garlicky), low blood sugar hypoglycemia, faint, dizzy

 7)Liver = Oxygen + Hydrogen
Dehydration dry mouth (Oxygen Excess)

(Hydrogen excess)Common Cold Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Severe Depression Suicidal ME Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Hepatitis B Hydrocephalic water on the brain brain swollen Cirrhosis Migraine HYDRATION Pneumonia, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Hydrocephaly (Hydrogen Excess)

 9)Adrenal Gland = Iodine + Calcium
(Iodine excess)Grave's disease Addison's disease(Iodine excess)

(Calcium excess)Cancer Obesity(female) Underweight(male)Lack of love feelings Endometriosis Breast cancer Ovarian Cancer Prostate Cancer Lung Cancer, STRENGTH MILK, Overbreeding of the Mother leading to Gender Dysphoria in the Offspring AIDS Skin Cancer Damaged adrenal gland with calcium excess due to birth control drugs/progesterones/calciums, damaged adrenal gland due to overbreeding of the mother, Celibacy, Celibate behaviours due to Vitex agnus castus/a calcium herbal, the monk's salt...(Calcium excess)

8)Spleen = Copper + Phosphorus
(Copper excess)Rushing speeding Acid reflux Accidents(Copper excess)

(Phosphorus excess)Parkinson's disease Tremor Lack of sexual desire feeling Salmonella NOSE, Salmonella encephalopathy(Phosphorus excess)

10)Gallbladder = Magnesium + Mercury
(Magnesium excess)Arthritis Joint degeneration knee hip jaw elbow shoulder ankle cartilage loss Still's disease Meningitis mean rude personality Need for hip replacement Fibromyalgia, MOUTH TENDONS CARTILAGE Poohing too much diarrhea(can also be other elements too so check-but magnesium is a strong laxative for sure!) 

(Mercury excess)Gallstones ADHD ADD Asperger's(Mercury excess can stifle like smother), Violent Violence Lyme Disease *Living near to a sewage treatment plant raises Mercury levels-early signs are violent/violence reactions to small things Also,Lyme Encephalopathy, Creutzfeldt-Jakob-also known as BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalophy or Mad Cow disease (Mercury excess)

11)Colon= Fluorine + Bismuth
(Fluorine excess)ALS Amyolotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Lou Gehrig's disease Crohn's disease Epilepsy Seizures the orphan illness Fabry(with hearing loss)Gulf War syndrome Double Aortic Arch Vascular Ring Cholera Typhus Diarrhea Angelman's Syndrome Huntington's disease Guillain-Barre Syndrome Tetanus Syringomyelia EARS, Mitral Valve Prolapse in the Heart organ Polio Meningitis Typhus Cholera Red Tide(Fluorine excess)

(Bismuth excess)Constipation-which can be fatal...urge to vomit & vomiting as well...

On each Page of this blog I have also added how that organ connects to what place in the brain & what functions, as well as elements that feed that part of the brain & that body part...Knowing the elements can help you decide course of treatment if there is an imbalance...I also drew all the pictures using Mac's free Paint program! Sari Grove Thanksgiving in Canada Monday October 14,  2013

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